Are You Afraid to Write Your About Me Page?

Many people are.  It’s normal to feel that way.  This is something different for most of us – it sort of goes against the grain.  But… IT WORKS!!  It shows others who you really are.  They learn to like and trust you.  They find out they may have many things in common with you such as thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes.  You both may have eclectic taste in things – home decor – that you thought no one else ever would, at least not just like you do.


When a potential new customer feels this way about you, they begin to trust you enough to purchase something awesome, beautiful, and… yes… expensive!

“About Page”… Are you beginning to understand how important it is?  Believe me, it is worth every moment you spend writing, editing, sharing, and creating.  Some get nervous when they have to tell their story and talk about themselves.  Is that you?  Do you want others to know about your work?  To see where you work?  To share in your thoughts and dreams about your businesses?

Start with your “about me” on Etsy!  That’s the first place where a good “About Me” can help you bring in extra income very quickly while growing your business.  You’ll actually begin to start making friends from all over the world.

Do you Brainstorm?  I do all the time, but I find it much easier to brainstorm with a friend, business associate, or family member.  Ideas begin to flow which lead to another and then another!  So, it’s time to brainstorm about your Etsy “About” page.

Here are some questions which may help you brainstorm while writing a good “About Me” page:

  • Why did you open an Etsy shop?
  • Where is your small busines located?
  • What one word describes your workspace?
  • Handmade:  How do you decide on what supplies to use?
  • Vintage:  What elements do you consider when you’re on the hunt?
  • Who helps you with your Etsy shop?
  • What is unique about your brang – about you?
  • What is special about your customer service?
  • What inspires your work?


Write down your answers to the questions above.  Which ones got you excited?  Which ones could you have written and written about?  Which ones were hard to come up with anything to say about?

Now, I want you to think about your potential customer… the one who is reading your “About Me”.  Which of the answers do you think would really draw them in making them want to learn more about you and what you do?

Next time, we’ll talk about adding photos to your “About Me”!

In the meantime… let’s get writing!!