Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back!

I’ve talked about my illness many times and how debilitating it could be.  Fear was holding me back – I had that and a host of other excuses lined up why I had every right to be afraid of failure.  I didn’t think I “had what it took” – strength and determination.  I didn’t want to be seen as a failure.


The fact remains that everyone has something that holds them back.  It doesn’t have to be like the health issues or low self-esteem that dragged me down.

When my health improved, I finally realized that, yes, I really wanted to be successful.  But the thought of being successful was fearful, too.  You might be thinking, “Who would be afraid of succeeding?”.

Success would bring a lot of changes.  What if I succeeded and wasn’t prepared for all that went along with my “success”.  It would bring attention to who I am – to what I do.  What if I’m not the person others think I am?

The questions rushed at me: “What if I do succeed?”  “What would I do then?”  “How would I handle it?”.

The answers to those questions have been slowly coming to me.  It took me over 7 years to step out of my comfort zone.  Well, actually, it really helps when someone pushes you out of your comfort zone!

When I started filming instructional videos, I was scared to death!  Jim Cockrum had this “grand” idea!  He was the one who really encouraged me — well, he actually challenged me to do that,  There was no way I would have considered trying.


My first video attempt didn’t turn out like I planned.  Ten minutes into taping, my assistant made me throw away 20 poster boards with everything I thought I needed to say.  Without the posters, and with flowers and a wreath in my hands, I talked for 2 hours non-stop.  The videographer had to stop me so he could take a break.

That first video is still on YouTube and has now been viewed 147,120 times!  And, yes there are many more videos.  Last summer, views on my YouTube Channel flew past One Million!  Even I am still amazed!

The next time I was really pushed out of my comfort zone was when the Chamber of Commerce Business Women asked me to speak before their luncheon.  I turned them down 3 times before relenting to speak. I was terrified, and carried pages of notes.

Nancy & Linda, Chamber of Commerce

Guess what?  I never even looked at the notes.  I made eye contact instead and was a resounding success!

Now, I am being pushed out of my comfort zone again.  I’ve been asked by a prestigious Internet Marketer to speak before a major conference in Orlando, Florida at the end of the year.  I’m already writing my speech, but who really thinks I’ll use it?

You never know what you are capable of accomplishing until you try.  Just turn the past loose and step out!  Step Up!  Knowing that I am in God’s will certainly doesn’t hurt, because I can trust that I have exactly what I need, exactly when I need it!

Remember… You Can Do It!!  🙂