**ETSY SHOP CRITIQUE** For Clara-Nicole

This is a nice Etsy Shop Clara!  We have a few suggestions which should help you optimize your shop for selling more of your designs.


Your shop has a good cohesive look except for your shop icon. It should be more colorful like the rest of your page. Your photos are clear and the backgrounds consistent but it takes away from your wreaths. Consider using a light background. I used Fotofuse to give you an example how the color stands out so much better with a light background.


 I like your banner but it doesn’t go with the theme of crafty and the style of your wreaths.. Your icon should have the same feel as your banner. I would consider changing it and add the full shop name and changing your tagline to reflect what you actually sell in your shop.


Use keywords here to describe what you make, such as: Spring Deco Mesh Wreaths, Holiday Floral Wreaths and Cinco De Mayo Wreaths..etc


Shop sections should to be keyword rich. You're allowed 15 Shop sections now. Examples: Cinco De Mayo Wreaths, Bunny Butt Wreaths, Cross wreath..and so forth. These can be changed often to match the holiday and seasons. Remove the Etc from the shop tile sections.

The first two sentences are the most important and should be keyword rich. Be more specific with your keywords: I specialize in elegantly detailed Spring Deco Mesh Wreaths, Easter Wreaths, and Patriotic. Then end your announcement with a warm welcome and anything else you want to add.

  • I would keep all the links to your other social media pages in you welcome message but remove them from the other policy pages. And then add them to the bottom of your listings
  •  Check that the keywords used in your title is being searched in Etsy Search listings.  I noticed many of your listings start with words not being searched for in Etsy. There for you won’t get found.
  • Use the keyword you are trying to rank for in the first sentence of your listing.


I hope that these suggestions will make a difference in your Etsy shop and also increase your sales!

Happy Wreathing!



What people are saying about this critique in Best of Nancy group


"Thanks Nancy for taking the time to do this. I will get on it!" – Clara Nicole

"I always learn something new with each critique. Thanks Nancy for doing these. So helpful!" Hallie Sue Wells

Great critique. I see many are still making the same mistakes…Etsy Intensive is getting an update and address these same issues people are having with their shops. – Bernita Burdick