Beautiful Table Christmas Tree
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Wouldn't you Love to Make a Table Christmas Tree
Using Simple and Proven Techniques?… Guaranteed!

Making a Table Christmas Tree is so much fun!
You really won't believe how easy it is!
Your purchase is covered by My "Personal Guarantee"!
You'll be making your own Christmas Tree in no time!


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how to make a two foot table Christmas tree

"All That Glitters"

I would LOVE to teach you to make a beautiful Table Christmas Tree!

With this DVD, I'll teach you with step-by-step instructions how you can do just that!
Designing is so much fun and will bring JOY into your life! 

(Regular Price $39.97)

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Learn how to make this beautiful table Christmas Tree at a fraction of the cost of a premade table tree from a store!  It is SO simple and fun to do!

With this DVD, I'll teach you how to make this pretty Table Christmas Tree! First, watch the entire video all the way through as I tell you which supplies to purchase from the iced fruit, glittering poinsettias and the beautiful wired ribbon. Then, follow my easy step by step instructions to create your very own table Christmas tree.

By using high quality products and following my proven method for securly anchoring everying into the tree, you will be able to display your beautiful table Christmas tree years to come! When the Holiday Season is over, you can just pull a trash bag down over your Christmas Tree and store it.  It will be ready to uncover, and put out with your Christmas Decorations next year.  No Fuss!  No More Work!  Now that is an excellent way to have "instant decorations" next Christmas!!!

All That Glitters DVD

These Two and Three Foot Table Christmas Trees are so Very Special in Every Room.

They can really light up a small, dark corner adding extra light and warmth to your room during the Christmas season. I know you will be thrilled you decided to order this DVD video.  Whether you are a beginner crafter or an experienced designer, I am confidant you can learn to successfully make a beautiful table Christmas Tree. Don't miss out on your chance to start designing these for yourself, or for gifts, special occasions, and yes, even for sale to bring in some extra income! I will help you learn the steps in the design process through my video series. I GUARANTEE you can do it!