Floral Arrangement For Your Table
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Let Nancy Teach YOU How To Make Your Own
Stunning Flower Arrangements As Beautiful as This One!


Have fun learning how to make a floral arrangement as beautiful as this one!
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how to make a floral arrangement by nancy alexander
"Buds and Blossoms"

Let me teach you to design this gorgeous arrangement!

I would LOVE to teach you how to make a floral arrangement!
With this DVD, I'll teach you step-by-step instructions how you can do just that!
Designing is so much fun, and I am really thrilled to be the one who gets to
teach you a hobby that I know you'll love!

(Regular Price $39.97)

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how to make a floral arrangement like this
Learning how to make wreaths and arrangements is such an easy art form!

Simply follow my methods for an amazing design each and every time.  So many of my customers and students through the years were completely overwhelmed at the thought of how to make a table arrangement.

With this DVD, I will explain the step by step process and teach you to develop your own style while building your confidence as a designer.  After the first arrangement is made, you'll immediately want to begin buying more supplies to make more arrangements for yourself, as gifts, and yes… even for sale!  Imagine — you'll be able to earn extra income with money you'll be able to charge for your door wreaths and table arrangements!

How to Make an Arrangement

This DVD will feel like I am right in the room with you as you learn how to anchor foam into a container so that it never comes loose.  You'll hear my voice as you work at putting picks on floral stems, and also learning where to place each stem.  I will share with you where I think a stem or blossom might need to go, and I'll also tell you when I change my mind – deciding that it might look much better elsewhere.

Let's have fun learning to make beautiful Table Arrangements together!

I can't stress how excited you'll be when you stand back and look at the arrangement you have made with your own two hands. This is a hobby that will bring happiness and joy into your life! And, it can also bring in some extra income as well!


As a Matter of Fact…I Guarantee You Can!