How to Make a Christmas Table Centerpiece
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Wouldn't You Love to Create This Stunning Christmas
Centerpiece Using
Simple and Proven Techniques?  …Guaranteed!

Christmas Centerpiece

Making a Christmas Centerpiece is so much fun! 
You really won't believe how easy it is!
Your purchase is covered by My "Personal Guarantee"! 
You'll be making your own Christmas Centerpiece in no time!

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Christmas Centerpiece
“Christmas Centerpieces”

Let me teach you to design this festive arrangement!

I would love to teach you How to Make a
Christmas Table Centerpiece as beautiful as this one!

With this DVD, I'll teach you step-by-step instructions how you can do just that!
Designing is so much fun, and I am really thrilled to be the one who can teach you a hobby
that I know you'll love – as well as one that will bring JOY into your life!


(Regular Price $39.97)

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How to make a Chrismtas Centerpiece

This DVD teaches you how to make a CHRISTMAS ARRANGEMENT, but it can be easily adapted to make any table arrangement for other times of the year. I will teach you many of the secret tips and techniques I personally developed myself as I held nightly design classes in my shop.  Floral design doesn't have to be complicated.  In fact, it should be fun! Work along with me as I show you how to make this beautiful Christmas centerpiece from start to finish. 

Learn my simple and cost-effective solution for creating a floral arrangement that can stay on your table and won't block anyone's view. We have come up with an "ideal" solution to this problem.This arrangement is securely attached to a nineteen cent tile and will NEVER come loose.  You will not have the height of a container to raise your arrangement higher than you would like it to be, so your floral arrangement in the center of your table will not have to be moved when guests sit down to enjoy a meal with you.  Brilliant!

How to Make an Inexpensive Table Christmas Centerpiece

There is no expensive container to buy – and no extra height added to your centerpiece!  You are only using a ceramic tile which costs just nineteen cents!  And, we have a secret way to anchor your arrangement to the tile!  I promise you this arrangement will not pop off.  It is there PERMANENTLY!!   You will be so surprised at how easy and inexpensive these are to make. Don't miss out on your chance to start designing these gorgeous centerpieces for yourself and your friends.  Why, you can even make them to sell.

Follow along in this hour long DVD as I teach you each and every step in designing a beautiful table centerpiece!  You will be surprised at how quickly you will begin to see your own personal style develop as your confidence grows enough to stray a little from the steps that I am teaching.  I GUARANTEE that you can do it!

We begin with our cheap and unique ceramic tile, and anchor your Styrofoam.  Now, this is where you'll start having lots of fun as we learn to tie two beautiful bows, which are added first to our arrangement.  Then… yes, we will add lots of blooms, blossoms, iced fruit, greens, and mosses.