Beautiful Fall Door Wreath
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 Wouldn't You Like to Make a Fall Door Wreath
Using Simple and Proven Techniques?…. Guaranteed!


We Will Have So Much Fun Making This Beautiful Fall Wreath… 
You have my "Personal Guarantee"! You'll be making beautiful wreaths in no time!


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how to make a fall wreath

"Pumpkin Patch"

Let me teach you to design this beautiful wreath!

Making a Fall Door Wreath as Beautiful and Different as this one
will be SO much fun!
This DVD shows you with step-by-step instructions
how you can do just that!
Designing is addictive, and I am really thrilled
to be the one who can teach you a hobby that I know you'll love
– as well as one that will bring JOY into your life!

(Regular Price $39.97)
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Learn how to make this beautiful Fall Door Wreath with my easy to follow DVD. I start with one of our special made "Wild Birch Wreaths", or "Twig Wreaths" (as they are also called), and then fill it full of many types of greens and grasses. You can watch and follow along with me as I add the large pumpkin right in the center along with the gourd hanging out the side. This video will teach you how to make a full triple ribbon bow with many yards of ribbon. I will be explaining each and every step to you as the video shows very close-up shots. You won't miss a single thing.  Learn how to add sunflowers, dahlias, fall leaves, fresh honeysuckle and more to your wreath.

How to make a fall wreath

I am sharing with you many of the secret tips and techniques I personally developed many years ago, when I held design classes at night in my shop. Wreath design doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it should be fun! In my videos, I encourage you to follow along with me as I show you how to make a beautiful wreath from start to finish.

As I walk you slowly through each step, I know you'll feel the excitement and pride in making your own beautiful outdoor wreaths. It is truly such a wonderful feeling! Soon, you'll begin experimenting a little on your own, and you won't be following every one of my steps anymore. That is when you'll see that you are developing your own beautiful style — one unique only to you!


As a Matter of Fact…I Guarantee You Can!