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About Nancy Alexander

At twenty-eight years of age (I am now sixty-eight), and the mother of two boys three and under, I became VERY ill.  We struggled to make ends meet while living on my husband’s income.  Since this mysterious illness had attacked my body, medical bills were piling up and we were living on credit cards.

The next five years, I fought the battle of my life. I was living each day, mostly from my bed, overwhelmed and pleading with God to heal my body.  My dreams had been to be a great wife and mother while contributing to our household income.

God answered my prayers and my dreams came true in more ways than I could ever imagine.  I researched on my own to find what answers I could.  My body began to respond. I learned to not be afraid of stepping out while striving to built the business of my dreams.

I have been blessed with many “artsy” and creative talents most of my life. I now enjoy an online business, Ladybug Wreaths, making over six figures a year! God has been my strength, my peace, and my courage. I love being an artist, designing door wreaths, and selling them online! I believe mercy, grace, joy and love are the most important things we can give and receive.

I am an author, public speaker & master wreath designer, having sold many thousands of wreaths all over the world. I have written seven instructional books which are available online and in craft stores.

I care about you and I want success for you as much as I did for myself. But… I don’t want you to have to struggle just as I did. I want you to experience joy and excitement that make you want to jump out of bed each morning and get started on your new adventure.

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Get Your FREE Blueprint TODAY!
(Available for a limited time)