Good Morning Ladies!

A new Monday morning awaits.  As am I, I’m sure you’re planning your work week: things you want to accomplish, for this week, and steps you want to take in meeting your goals in the future.



I have a long list already today and it’s not even 7 am yet. First, continue working on the new Nancy’s Inner Circle, adding so many exciting new things for you members.  Are you preparing wreaths and other crafts for the upcoming holiday?  Maybe you still need to get your Etsy Shop open and your first wreath listed.

Now I know a lot of you ladies already have beautiful wreaths made…I have seen the pictures!  We need to get you going with Etsy if you aren’t already, so you can move onto more exciting challenges in your business..

We are adding the Etsy Intensive course to the membership and we will be discussing it in the Inner Circle Facebook group in more depth! Why don’t we make it the goal for everyone here to get your selling account set up, and get at least one wreath listed this week.This way you will be ready when we get into the Etsy course.

My team and I are working so hard to provide you with all my wreath training videos, so you will have all the knowledge you need to create beautiful wreaths and arrangements. You will be getting leading edge training in how to sell your wreaths online using Etsy and how to use social media to help you market your business.

I am so excited to be able to make these changes and offer you the best training and support system at such a great price! My dream is to see you mold and develop your God given skills and to succeed in fulfilling your dreams.

I will be keeping you updated in the Facebook group and in my newsletter about how things are coming and what to expect in Nancy’s Inner Circle

But in the meantime…. Work on setting goals for yourself and checking them off as you reach them

Smiles… Nancy