Happy New Year

It is cold here in South Carolina — no snow yet — but I’m sure it is coming.  Personally, I like a couple of really pretty snows that don’t cover the roads too much, and are gone in 3 or 4 days.  I know…that’s really expecting too much, right!  So many of you have LOTS of snow right now, and are having MUCH colder weather than we are, so I think I’ll change the subject before getting myself in trouble!  :o)


How many of you have already put up your Christmas decorations?

Well, my Christmas decoration are still up, all except for our tree.  That beautiful deco mesh tree I made in my last video was carried up into our attic on New Year’s Day by my son Andy, and Steve.  And, I know what you’re about to ask — yes — it was still decorated!  I love it!  Now, it will be all decorated next year ready to pull down for Christmas.  Maybe I’ll be able to decorate earlier next year with that part already done.  I sure hope so.

I am looking ahead to Spring!  I am ready for it!  And…I’m also ready to make spring wreaths.  As a matter of fact, I’m itching to make spring wreaths!  So, I called the owner of my Favorite Vendor Location the other day, and we’re going to pay them a visit on Friday.  They have all of their Spring and Summer ribbons out as well as some of their flowers.  Time to load up again.   I won’t be taking my video camera this trip, but will wait a few more weeks until everything is in.  Then, we’ll start on the newest update of The Secret Vendor List.

I have been thinking about New Year goals (not resolutions).  It is important to make each and every customer feel that they are SO important.  How do you feel when you walk out of a business after being pampered, and waited on (without distractions) and talked to?  How does it feel when you leave with a smile on your face knowing that you will definitely want to visit them again?

One main goal of mine in 2013 is to make each student and customer feel that way after doing business with me, or after learning from me.  I want each one to feel as special as they really are!  So, I am planning and making lists right now.  How about you?  What would you do to make your “virtual, Internet” customer feel that special?  Yes, there are ways…

What about a small, tasty piece of candy tied to their special wreath or other product purchased?  What about a thank you card, or printed piece of paper added to your shipping box which thanks them for their business, inviting them to shop again.  Maybe a 10% coupon to be used on their next purchase would be enticing…

There are many ideas I can come up with that I want to implement in this new year.  I would like for you to be thinking about ideas for your products too.  Let’s share them with each other.  Let’s become the “go to” person each time for returning customers.

Do you remember your customer’s name from a previous purchase?  That’s hard when you sell as much as I do, but I’m working on a system.

I wish for each and every Best of Nancy member a Happy and Prosperous New Year with businesses which grow beyond belief as your skills and goals change and grow along with them.

I am very grateful for each and every one of you!  xoxo   ~Nancy~