Can YOU Really Make Over $1,000 with a Yard Sale?

Well, YES, you DEFINITELY CAN make over $1,000 having a yard sale!
I’ll tell you how I did it…

yard sale treasures

Being an Artist, a Crafter, a Designer, and a lover of eclectic antique “treasures”, you can imagine what I must bring home. Well…maybe you can’t imagine, after all! Lol!

I am certainly not what you would call a “hoarder” by any means, but if I find a great deal on something that I find intriguing, then I must bring it home! Sometimes, I definitely think it may NOT be a good thing that I can enter an Antique Mall, or walk up a driveway to a yard sale, and spot these treasures long before I even get to them!

There are pluses and minuses to this particular “gift?”. On the plus side, my home, garden, and shop are filled with many eclectic treasures that I adore! They brighten my day as I glance at each one in my goings and comings. They bring a smile or a pleasant thought as I remember where I accidentally found that particular one.

And, then there is the minus side, our large attic was also filled with many eclectic treasures that I just could not pass up — even though I didn’t have the perfect spot for them. I would think — well, I just know the kids (not really kids now) might want to use this one day, so I’ll save it for them. But, they really didn’t want most of this “stuff”!

Also, if you really want to know the truth, I just couldn’t bear to let go of things from my parent’s home, my aunt’s home, and my grandparents home when they left their earthly homes.

Okay, it all caught up with me about a month ago. I had much too much stuff! I had accumulated things from Yard Sales, or Tag Sales, thinking I would sell it on Amazon. Then, there were baby clothes, toys, and…well…junk, junk, and more junk!

Make money with yard sale treasures

I told my son and his wife if they would help me clean out the attic, the garage, and my shop and hold the yard sale here – that I would give them ALL the money. Of course, they jumped at the chance to make just a little more to pay on our grandson, Austin’s, medical bills from when he was a preemie in the NICU. They were probably thinking $400 to $600 maybe??

But, we all got started cleaning out. And, YES, I had definitely saved too much JUNK! I’m telling you – and I’m not kidding – we had mostly “junk”!!! I had saved things I never should have saved! And, since I have lost over 100 lbs, there were still my “UGH” clothes that I never wanted to look at again.

yard sale treasures

The really funny thing is, I didn’t sell any of my treasures – the things I loved! I just got rid of the junk making room for **MORE** treasures! Shhhhh…… don’t mention that one to my hubby, he hasn’t figured that one out yet!

yard sale treasures

So, now do you want to know how I did it — how I made $1,258.00 on junk at my yard sale? I only had one item which sold for $35.00, one which sold for $15.00, and ALL of the rest sold for $10.00 or less. Well, actually, most of it sold for $1, $2, and $3.