Most of You Know ALL About Me!

It suddenly dawned on me today as I was working on Facebook that I will soon be reaching 13,000 “likes” in my Facebook page!  Our free Facebook group, Grow With Nancy will soon be reaching 4,000 members!   My mailing list is many thousands!  And my views on YouTube videos are closing in on 3 Million very quickly!

This means that there are a lot of you who know a lot about Nancy Alexander! I want to know more about each of you!know-your-customer

Thousands of you have ordered my products for many years. I recognize your names, particularly the many of you who are repeat customers. Sometimes, I often remember your faces if I have seen a picture of you on Facebook or location.

It’s really hard to put a face on all those names.  I hear about your successes – your goals and your dreams.  I sometimes see a post asking for prayer because you are going through something that literally knocks your feet out from under you.  When you email me to place an order for a wreath, I might remember you are a faithful customer from many previous purchases.  I remember the post you put in Facebook showing off a beautiful design.

Most of you know all about me… :o). I am a child of God, am married to the man of my dreams, have an amazing family – with five “exceptional” grandchildren. I run a growing, bursting at the seams, business that I love! Most importantly, God has entrusted me with a “ministry” helping and encouraging so many of you. This is one of the many surprising, and miraculous gifts I feel so unworthy to have received. I am blessed and humbled to be able to share with you how I have “overcome” many obstacles in my life and I pray my experiences will make a difference in yours.

Now, P-L-E-A-S-E… I really want to know about each of you!

Do you feel the same about your customers?  Do you want to know more about them – their lives – their talents – their dreams and their goals?


It Takes Months to Gain a Customer
** Only Seconds to Loose One **



Notes From Happy Customers

Email from Susie: Thank you, Nancy for always making my day. I sold my first wreath this weekend. WooHoo! And it’s all because of you! God works in mysterious ways — yes He does! You will never know how much I appreciate the “Secret Vendor List”. I refer back to it so often, it is so much more than I ever expected. I can’t wait for updates! I know God is blessing you in this journey. You are still my favorite wreath maker! ~Susie~

Email from Tammy:  Thank you so very much for the wreath.  It is perfect!  I will take a photograph of it tomorrow as it is pouring rain today and the photo just would not do it justice.  I truly appreciate your time and talent!  Gratefully,  ~Tammy~
Email from Joan:  Blessings to you.  I have enjoyed reading your newsletters, and am very thankful for coming across one of your wreaths in one of my favorite magazines, Country Sampler, a few years ago.  Your journey has not been easy, with your continual health problems, but I was so happy to read that your health has improved.  I just wanted to comment today, my admiration of you.  The many previous years working long, tiresome hours when you owned your shop.  How you’ve been inspired by other special people that God has brought into your life to put you where you are today, teaching others via the Internet, and learning DVDs (which I previously purchased a set of for wreath design).  Keep up the wonderful work that you do!  In God’s grace, ~Joan~