Inspirations Surround Me…

 Decorating, Inspiration & Design

We talked in my last newsletter about where you get your ideas.  I got a lot of emails and responses back from that newsletter.  Apparently many of you are having problems getting inspired with color and design.  This would not only affect how you make a wreath or an arrangement and what colors you use, but it can certainly affect how you decorate your home.

First, I want to delve a little more into how you can choose flowers in your wreath or floral design.  I have already talked about what inspires me, such as nature all around me.  To take a walk outside in my yard, or a park, or garden does so much for the creative side of me.

We also talked a little about magazines, and my obsession for them.  I NEVER throw away a good magazine.  I may tear out pictures which are appealing to me for that particular day, but I still hold onto special issues, because other items will appeal to me on other days.  I suppose it just depends on what project I am working on at that time, and what I am really looking for on that day.  Things I look for include pictures of several items with a mixture of colors, like beautiful bedding with floral (or other) patterns on it, upholstery fabrics, and beautiful rugs.

Another of my inspirations is my photography.  Even if you are not a novice or professional photographer, you can still use beautiful pictures to inspire ideas for style and color.  You can always use the work of someone else to awaken the creative side within you!  

I want to point out a few more things about style, color, and decorating today.  Do you know where to begin when you want to re-do a room in your home?  Now, I am talking about changing everything – or at least the colors and fabrics, and not necessarily the furniture itself. 

I always start with a sofa.  That is a major piece of furniture, and normally, along with a rug, is the focal point in any room. Ask yourself, is it in good shape; sturdy, still comfortable, the right size for your room?  Maybe the only thing wrong with it is just the upholstery.  If so, don’t replace it!  Just recover it, and you’ll save money and be much happier!

First, go to a nearby upholstery or fabric store.  All of these have fabric samples hanging on rods.  Plan on spending some time flipping through these sample booklets.  You may not have any idea what you want, so keep an open mind. As you find a pattern, style, or color which catches your eye, leave it open, or hold it aside.  Go through this process until you have eight or ten options.  You may find several in one book, or they may all be in different books.  

Check these out, take them home with you.  I then open the books to the appropriate samples and space them all around whatever room I am working on at the time.  I don’t try to make a decision right then — just leave them.  Glance at them when you walk through, glance at them when the sun is shining brightly, and also at night when it is darker.  Turn on the overhead lights, they try it with just lamps on.

You’ll be surprised how various patterns and colors look different as the light changes throughout the day.  You’ll also find that some patterns suddenly seem too small for that area, while others seem too large and bold for your room.

It may take several trips, while trying different books each and every trip.  But you will finally decide which pattern you like in your room.  Make sure it is one which makes you feel good – warms your heart – brings a smile – that’s the way you’ll know it’s the right one!

You now have a couple of options.  First of all, if you are not REALLY sure this is the right pattern – design – color for you, order just two or three yards of it.  Sometimes they already have it in stock, which is convenient.  If not, it is worth it to place your order.

This fabric won’t be wasted if you end up not covering your sofa with it.  You have picked out one with colors you like.  You have picked out a style and design you like.  So, I’m sure you’ll certainly use it somewhere in your home (that is if you change your mind about the sofa).  BONUS HINT:  Two or three yards of fabric like this come in handy making throw pillows, covering an ottoman, etc., if you have it left over.

Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter, when we’ll continue in our current series about decorating, inspiration and design.

Don’t forget!  Colors all around – textures all around – ideas all around – this is what  inspires me.  What inspires you??