Overflowing My Senses…

Where do YOU get your ideas?
I get that question all the time! Sometimes, I am still a little surprised, because ideas just come to me…in bunches. I shouldn’t be, I suppose, but I still am. JUST TOO MANY IDEAS — AND NOT ENOUGH TIME!

Let me explain to you why that question surprises me. My home is filled with magazines, and since I have absolutely NO time to read all the wonderful articles, I am a picture person. I can flip through my favorite magazines, which are a mix between “Country Home”, “Country Living”, and “Southern Living”, etc. Since I am a “visual” person, as I turn the pages, I am tearing out pictures of groupings and colors which inspire me.

These inspirations really never come from another wreath, or floral design. I am inspired by fabrics – rugs – collections – gardens – colors on walls, etc. In my mind’s eye, I can see a wreath with some of the same colors, items, and textures.


Just ask my dear hubby; I have torn out magazine pages and keep them all over. Sometimes, they are SO inspirational to me, that I tape, pin, or thumbtack them to the wall, a door, a mirror. Sometimes I even put them on my bulletin board. Yes… I know, that’s where they should really be, right?

And, then there is my accordion folder, with it’s tattered edges, and the rubber band which is so worn from use that I don’t know how many more times I’ll be able to wrap it around! This is where my favorite pictures retire when I need space for newer ones! But, I do always remember them and go back looking for particular ones quite often!

Another inspiration is my photography. It is so exciting (and relaxing) for me to walk around my yard, a neighbor’s yard, or to just be outside taking pictures. Close up pictures of a special bloom, long stems of leaves, a butterfly, or bees buzzing around my flowers inspire my thoughts to wander to which wreath design I want to make next!


Green sheet moss on our creek bank, sponge mushrooms growing on the side of a tree, the birdhouse on an old pine tree which has a green patina (actually slime, if you want to know the real truth)…all of these get my attention making me want to escape into my studio and get lost for a while being creative.

In my shop, not only will you find flowers of all types, shapes, sizes, and colors, but I have a row of Ball jars filled with different colors of paint which I mixed myself – only because I liked the color enough to have it sitting on my shelf. Something as simple as my jar of antique, colorful buttons inspires me to put colors together when coming up with a design. Then there are the flowers which I have painted on artist paper and cut out. They are taped to the wall, and pinned to the bulletin board along with pictures of sweet birds from magazines, or are hand-painted ones.

If you are just getting started making wreaths, and putting colors together, here is a great idea for you.

I used this trick many, many years ago when a friend worked in a home design store, which sold carpet and wallpaper. I know wallpaper is not as popular now, but she would save me books of patterns which had been discontinued. I’d tear out pages which were full of design and color and make a wreath or an arrangement to match the colors in the wallpaper. Try this with any of your decorating or floral projects. You’ll really be surprised at the confidence and boldness it will give you when putting colors together – colors that you normally would never have thought of using in the same design!

Colors all around – textures all around – ideas all around – this is what inspires me. What inspires you??

Raving Fans

Are you enjoying my newsletters? I really enjoy sharing with you. I strive to send one out every Friday morning at 9 a.m. But, last Friday, I had doctor appointments out of town, and computer problems at home, so this one is late.

Many of you watch for my newsletters every Friday. You email me to see if I am sick or anything is wrong if yours doesn’t arrive by Friday afternoon, so I am very sorry that sometimes circumstances prevent me from getting them out in a timely manner.

I suppose part of the problem is that I have so much I want to share with you and talk to you about, that a newsletter can take quite some time to put together, proof and send out.

I received this email this morning from Carol:
“I must tell you how eagerly your emails are anticipated. It’s like opening a Christmas present!!!! You are such an inspiration! Hugs and Blessings, Carol”
(Thank you Carol… Nancy)


My Students are Still “Wowing” Me

I am SO very proud of each of you ladies (as well as you few gents that are readers, too). I LOVE to hear of your successes, your accomplishments, and the fact that floral design can bring purpose and joy into your lives! Each of you inspire me more than you’ll ever know!

Malisia’s First Wreath: She did a GREAT job making a “Kitchen wreath with a stuffed flour bag, a loaf of bread, and a measuring cup!  Congratulations, Malisia!


Email from Russell:
Just to let you know the DVDs arrived safe and sound. I watched them as if they were a movie premiere!! Thanks again, and I appreciate all the stories you tell while teaching on the DVDs. Truly feels like you are right in the room showing me what to do.

Email from Glenda:

I’m so glad I found your website. You are living my dream! I have 20 plus years experience in floral and visual design. I love being creative and teaching others to discover their hidden talents. I have spent HOURS online looking for a legitimate business that I can do from home. I am not sure that finding you is not a divine appointment by God. I have prayed and asked Him to guide me to find something to do to support myself. I was just about to give up when He guided me to your site. I am SO excited! God Bless You, Glenda

Email from Christine:
Thank you very much for creating such nice videos. I have always loved flower arranging and find your tips and tricks to be very helpful. Have a wonderful day! Christine ~
Keep on sending me emails and pictures. I have many more right now that I will be sharing, but I can never see or have enough!

I will have more emails and pictures from many of my students again! I absolutely LOVE seeing my students “awakening their own styles lying within”! Thank each of you so much for sharing! Keep up the good work!

If you haven’t checked out my Facebook Fan Page lately, here is the link:  https://www.facebook.com/nancyladybugwreaths/



Wild Birch Wreaths


Ladybug Wreaths has its own line of “Wild & Woodsy” birch/beech wreaths that are exclusive ONLY to us.  We have a young woman who lives up in the hills of Kentucky who harvests these fresh twigs and hand-makes these wreaths for us.

They are not tied; they are not wired; but they are made in such a way that they are very secure, and will last for many years to come.  The wild, airy, branches which radiate out from our wreaths can totally change the style or look at a wreath.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these with your Inner Circle discount:  https://www.nancysinnercircle.com/wild-birch-wreaths/

Custom Made Wreath Easels


Ladybug Wreaths designed a very special easel to be used by us and our customers.  This Copyrighted design is one you’ll never find offered anywhere else – it is exclusive only to Ladybug Wreaths.  You may see copies available, but they are not the original “LBW Easel”!

This one is hand-build from “Swedish white-wood”.  It is fully adjustable for ease of use in raising or lowering the height of your wreath, and also the angle of your wreath.

Trust me, after using one of these, you’ll NEVER want to struggle to make a wreath lying flat on a table or hanging on the back of a door again.  These, also, have not been available on our site in quite a while, but are now available again.  Another shipment will be here in the next couple of weeks, and we are pre-selling those.   Supplies of these are limited!

If you are interested in purchasing any easels, you will receive your Inner Circle discount here:  https://www.nancysinnercircle.com/custom-wreath-easel/


Honeysuckle by the roll – Now Available!

As you can see in the picture above..we LOVE to use honeysuckle in our creations.  The honeysuckle is the lighter colored loops and curls you can see in the picture above.  I get SO many emails from many of you who cannot find honeysuckle in your area, so I am really excited to be able to offer you this new product!


If you are interested in purchasing rolls of honeysuckle vine, click here to receive your Inner Circle discount:  https://www.nancysinnercircle.com/honeysuckle-vine-rolls/