Take Advantage of an Opportunity
That Can Change Your Life Forever!

Most of us, as Artisans, have an engrained entrepreneurial spirit eating away. In the beginning, sometimes, we dare to let our minds go to a place of success, as we dream of starting and growing an Internet business. Those thoughts come and go, but it is usually a voice of reason (?) that brings us back to our reality.

You know the thoughts that take over our minds: “YES, I heard about their business… about how it’s growing and becoming such an amazing success. Oh, how I wish it could be me!” Well, as I was having those same thoughts, desires, and dreams, I would also think: “I’m so happy for her or him… I just wish it could be me… but that would never happen in my lifetime.”


“I don’t know where to start! I can’t do it alone. There isn’t anyone to stand beside me and encourage me,” are common misconceptions and thought processes which keep you from, at least, trying to follow your dream. Do you let yourself dream?

Do you really need help? Some of us do, and some of us do not. Many of our experts in Best of Nancy and Grow With Nancy have begun their journey with their own determination to not falter. I began alone with that same determination, which I know could have only come from my God. Of course there was a fear of failure, of losing money, and of not succeeding. Everyone has these fears which only hold them back even more.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” –Harriet Tubman

The strongest and the weakest Internet Entrepreneurs eventually need more. Hanging out with the successful people we admire and want to be like encourages us on our path to reaching our dreams. So many people encourage us to continue on our journey, because they know and believe: “You CAN Do It!” They did it themselves!

We need encouragement from like-minded people who are a step ahead of us – the ones who have tried and failed over again, until they finally tried and succeeded. We need to pay attention and learn from these successful dreamers, as we start out on our own journey.


“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be
greater than your fear of failure.” – Bill Cosby


There is nothing like being in a group of like-minded people where ideas, successes and failures are shared and bounced back and forth. This experience is priceless! You come away with new ideas and determination you may have never come up with on your own.

In our community, Best of Nancy, we give you that opportunity! Our amazing experts are donating their time and expertise as they share, encourage, train, and help us grow
amazing businesses. We benefit and learn from their mistakes. We grow from their successes and suggestions.

Please take advantage of this awesome opportunity that can change your life forever, taking you to places you would have never dreamed.


Please join me today in being a “dreamer”!