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Nancy’s Inner Circle Mastermind Community and Business Academy is the place where success happens!

Learn how and where to attract the right customers and grow a profitable and sustainable business while living the life of your dreams!

Receive ALL of Nancy’s Instructional, Wreath-Making Videos As Well as Countless Hours of Online Instruction!

Isn’t it time you worked up the nerve to perfect your artistic skills and reach for your dreams before it’s too late? Jump in lets get started!

You might be thinking: “what if I fail?  Honestly, that’s what I thought.
But, if you jump in
and give it your best , there’s a very good chance you’ll succeed!
Then you’ll be thinking “why did I wait? or… what do I have to lose?”
I LOVE watching my students build the business of their dreams just like I did!

As a twenty-eight year old young mother of two boys, three and under, I became VERY ill.  We were living on my husband’s income while struggling to make a house payment, a car payment, and the monthly bills for a family of four.  This mysterious illness, un-named at that time, attacked my body.  Medical bills began piling up – we were living on credit cards as we searched to find a name and a cure.

The next five years were mostly spent in bed. I couldn’t stand for any period of time; I could only sit up for 20 to 30 minutes to eat a meal which had been prepared by someone else.  Steve, my husband, and I were overwhelmed as we pleaded with God each day to heal my body.

That began the battle in a fight for my life.  My dreams included being a great wife and mother as well as working to bring in more income to help my husband pay the bills.

God answered my prayers and my dreams in more ways than I could have imagined.  As I found answers about my health & began to heal my body, I also learned not to be afraid of stepping out to try and build the business of my dreams.  I am now enjoying a business that makes over six figures a year!

…I don’t want you to struggle like I did. I built the business of my dreams… I want to share with you ALL I learned. I want you to enjoy your own business as you sell handmade items online!

In my Inner Circle, I want you to benefit from almost three decades of my experience. Nancy’s Inner Circle has over 50 classes, numerous videos and training modules, and a private Facebook group!  I’ll even be there with you all personally, every step of the way, to ensure you see the success you deserve.

I want to give you a reason to jump out of bed each morning with a start because you have something to do that makes you feel really good about yourself and because you’re so excited that your own business is helping you reach for the stars!

In my “Inner Circle Mastermind”, I bring ALL my experience, knowledge and the path to success I’ve already traveled.  You’ll have access to countless videos, classes, and a Private Facebook Group.  I’ll even be there with you personally, every step of the way, to ensure that you enjoy the success you deserve.

I’m ALSO throwing in many years of training which covers EVERYTHING I’ve ever taught and have to offer in one place!

“Nancy, as a child I grew up watching Bob Ross paint beautiful pictures. He was mesmerizing to watch and had such charm I wished I could be like him. Nancy, you are my Bob Ross of wreaths & inspiration! I watched my first video of you on YouTube and was captivated by your knowledge, charm and attention to detail in wreath design. So, I researched you and your business to discover what I could learn from you. I thankfully stumbled upon your Inner Circle.

As an aspiring wreath designer I soaked up all your videos and tutorials like a sponge. My fiance would walk by me as I made wreaths and would say, ‘Hi Nancy.’ That’s just how much you became a part of my life. You are my muse and together we have created beautiful wreaths and my business is growing. Your expertise and willingness to share your plethora of knowledge in wreath design and business know how has catapulted my confidence to a thriving, successful level. Nancy’s Inner Circle is a God send to me and my passion for wreath design! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! There would be no MeriMesh Designs without you and your Inner Circle.”


Are YOU Ready To Go From Dreaming to LIVING Your Best Life with a Business That Will Pave the Way for Your Families Success?

Want to learn to grow your own profitable business selling handmade designs online? You’re definitely in the right community!


Over $7,000.00 in Complimentary Training, Videos & Modules!

Access to BRAND NEW Etsy Intensives Training
Access to Pinterest Intensives (coming soon!)
Online access to “My Secret Vendors” last update
Extensive Facebook video training and many Q & A’s
Online access to Nancy’s entire video library
 Boxing and shipping wreaths in video
Videos show how to take and edit your own photos
PicMonkey and Canva training for logos & images
Weekly Live FB video training
Random Wreath & Etsy Shop critiques by Nancy & Team
Live Facebook Q & A – business questions answered
Action steps to grow your business each week
 Private Inner Circle Facebook Group for members
 Etsy shop critiques by Kayla Hess
★ Live group webinars with Nancy and her Team


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You’ll never find comprehensive training like this offered
for Artisans of Handmade items before all in one place!


? Etsy Intensives Training
? Pinterest Intensives Training
? My Secret Vendors, Vol. #7
? Wreath Making Video Library
? Etsy Shop Critique Examples
? Wreath Critique Examples
? Direct Sales With Facebook Pages
? Facebook Ads 2.0
? Create a Facebook Cover Image
? Advertising on Facebook
? Facebook Marketing
? How to sign up for Facebook
? Privacy on Facebook
? 10 Steps to Getting Started on Pinterest
? Increase Holiday Sales With Pinterest
? Pinterest for Business
? 6 Ways to Promote Pinterest
? The Art of Making Pinterest Boards
? Creating Your First Pin
? Click-worthy Pins
? Naming Your Etsy Shop
? Open Your Etsy Shop
? How to List a Product to sell on Etsy

? Photography & Editing
? Pic Monkey Training #1
? Pic Monkey Training #2
? Pic Monkey Training #3
? Create Animoto Videos
? Edit Photos With Nancy
? Fun With Banners
? Taking Photos
? Photoshop Editing
? How to use Clipping Magic
? Add Text on an Image
? Christmas Bows With Nancy
? Fresh Greens for Christmas
? Ribbons in Evergreen Wreath
? How to Make a Tree Topper
? DIY Party Tips
? DIY Party Tips #2
? Make a Monogram Wreath
? Pumpkin Basket for Fall
? Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial
? Simple Christmas Wreath
? Harvest Honeysuckle
? Brighten Your Product Photos

? Earn Cash From Yard Sale Finds
? Save Money When Shipping
? Shipping Wreaths
? Shipping With UPS Vol #1
? Shipping With UPS Vol #2
? USPS Shipping with Dazzle/Endicia
? Publish Your Own Book
? Publish Books on Kindle Vol #1
? Publish Books on Kindle Vol #2
? Publish Books on Kindle Vol #3
? Publish Books on Kindle Vol #4
? Proven Self-Publishing Made Simple
? Silent Sales Machine by Jim Cockrum
? FREE Marketing 101 by Jim Cockrum
? Amazon Online Sourcing Strategies
? How to Sell on Amazon
? Wreath Making eBooks
? Discounts on Wreath-Making Supplies
? Wreath Examples for Ideas
? Inspiration Blog Posts
? Branding Your Creative Business
? Sign Prospects to an Email List
? Pricing Handmade for Profit


Enjoy Access to Nancy & Her Team And A Warm Community of Artisans Who Support Each Other!



“I found you on YouTube, Nancy, and after watching your video on making a double bow for a Christmas Wreaths, I was hooked! Your videos are SO inspiring; I had to join your Inner Circle. You have inspired me to keep on and grow the work I love. And to others… take time to read Nancy’s books, watch her videos and keep on growing! I praise God for her; my mentor in so many ways! Thank you!”


“I would have never known how to start selling my horse wreaths if I hadn’t discovered Nancy. She has helped me from day 1 and I can’t thank her enough for her teaching. You gave me courage, Nancy.  You are my hero and my mentor and a mighty witness for Christ! God Bless.”



When I began selling online, I never thought I stood a chance of reaching my dreams. I didn’t think my body would let me, so why try? I knew God had given me a gift but never in a million years did I believe that gift could lead me to where I am right now.

For over 3 decades, while following my dreams, I quietly cleared THOUSANDS of dollars selling high-end wreaths online.  Daily UPS pickups shipped thousands of my wreaths all over the world, including many to celebrities!

I cleared AMAZING PROFITS! My wreaths were often the most expensive and highest quality you could find anywhere on the Internet. Women bought them in droves – even paying ANY price to win the bid when I was selling on eBay.

It was because of my design, style and quality construction that my reputation became what it is today. But it was also something else – I knew how to promote and market my products bringing potential buyers to me through many different online avenues.

I want you to reach for the dreams you dare to even imagine! God has planted a seed that can blossom into something awesome, beautiful and breathtaking!

What did I have to lose? Absolutely nothing!  But, I gained so much!

Step out and take a chance! Dare to dream. Let’s work together to help you reach out for a goal or a dream that really CAN come true! Don’t be afraid to step out! Take a chance and dare to dream!!

Don’t end up with unfulfilled dreams and what if’s!

“I have learned so much about running my business from you and your ‘Inner Circle’ group. Nancy, you’re one of the sweetest, most Godly, giving women I have ever known! You have become a wonderful mentor to me through the Inner Circle and your private Facebook Group.

I have learned so much about how to run my wreath business and I’m also learning about floral wreaths and where to buy my supplies. I am excited about putting to use all the knowledge and information I have gathered from your awesome training videos!”


“Dear Nancy and all the special members of Nancy’s Inner Circle,I have been a member for a few months now and haven’t had an opportunity to join the Q&A’s, etc. I’ve been busy making wreaths!!! Who would have guessed??? I simply want to use a bit of space on this page to make a statement. I am an almost 73 year old lady who has a very different business plan from most of you. I have been a business owner and worked in the corporate world. I want all of you to know your spirit(s) are inspiring. YOU WILL SUCCEED. I make wreaths for the exquisite pleasure of creating.

I want to make a public statement about Nancy Alexander. She is without question a lovely, generous, Christian woman. The money I have spent joining her Inner Circle has been an incredible investment. The information in proportion to the cost is off the charts. I smile to myself even as I pick up her recommended wire cutters. What a difference a little tip makes. The list of things learned goes on and on.”


“As a member of Nancy’s Inner Circle I can testify that you will not be disappointed if you decide to join!! Her step by step instruction, gift of teaching along with her heartfelt words of encouragement have equipped me with skills and secured my confidence and my business is growing because of it.”


“I am so glad to be a member of Nancy’s Inner Circle! I have learned so much from learning how to make beautiful classy bows, gorgeous unique wreaths from start to finish and now how to grow our business through Etsy and SEO training and Facebook Ads and Facebook Live training. My Page likes went from 144 likes to 658 likes in just a couple of weeks after following Nancy’s teachings! I am ready to run another like ad for June. A great encouraging learning environment!”


“In December I made a few Christmas wreaths for myself and family. In January I came across some of Nancy’s free videos started watching all I could, and joined her Inner Circle. I have since opened an Etsy store, have a business Facebook page, an active Pinterest page, I make burlap deco mesh learning grapevine wreaths. I also do flower arrangements. The past two months I have sold 6 flower arrangements and 12 wreaths. I am now so excited and happy! In the beginning I was scared to death with no confidence. By chance I ran across Nancy’s videos which really encouraged me.

God has blessed me every step of the way. I want you to know that doing this is hard for me because have fibro and a recent diagnoses of MS. But I will not give up! I love what I do and work very very hard with Etsy and Facebook. Doing wreaths is time consuming but worth it! I also have grandchildren and 2 foster children — my life is very full. Thanks to God, Nancy and all the ladies who post and encourage me; what a blessing to find a group that actually encourages one another!!”


“I watched Nancy on YouTube for years. I wanted everything she was selling but couldn’t justify it while working full time. But I always knew this creative outlet would fulfill me. So the Lord stepped in and I was let go from my job. I remember crying all the way home. I decided to invest in my dream and my husband said, “When the student is ready, the teacher is there!”

I wanted to learn from the BEST. I bought the 12 month deal and haven’t regretted it one minute. I recognize now that I have access to all the videos that I have lots to learn. Better yet, I have a new group of friends that share my interests and have the same questions! When I heard Nancy’s last encouragement statement, I knew I had made the right choice. So I am taking baby steps in setting up my Etsy business and hope to make many homes more beautiful with my creations and Nancy’s guidance. Having access to this invaluable information with the personal hands-on support is critical to my success, my psyche, and my self-worth.”


“Nancy, I decided to join Nancy’s Inner Circle about two months ago my only regret is that I didn’t join sooner. Nancy’s Inner Circle has a wealth of information, tutorials and inspiration. This site is like have a best selling novel in your hand and you can’t put it down!

Since I’ve been using your videos and tutorial I have more views on Etsy and my sells are up! The inside tips and Nancy’s knowledge are invaluable! You and your team have done an amazing job putting together content that is useful and beneficial to grow our own businesses.”


Your Enrollment is 100% Risk-Free! You can cancel at any time!

I am so confident that you will absolutely love Nancy’s Inner Circle that I am offering a full 7-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee… We take all the risk so you don’t have to… plus if you choose to join our community you can cancel at any time afterwards!

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