**ETSY SHOP CRITIQUE** For Lana – Kerry Thames

This is a very pretty Etsy Shop Lana!  We have a few suggestions which should help you optimize your shop for selling more of your designs.


Your shop has a great cohesive look. Your photo backgrounds look good and are consistent. 

 Your banner is nicely done. The colors go with the shop. The only thing I would do different to the banner is make images on each side a little larger so they come in further.


Use keywords here to describe what you make, such as: Silk Flower Wreaths, Décor Mesh and Burlap Wreaths…If it fits or just modify..


Shop sections need to be keyword specific. You're allowed 15 Shop sections now. I would break up those that you’re trying to combine two in one. Examples: Spring Wreaths, Summer Wreaths, Burlap Wreaths, Easter Wreaths, Patriotic Wreaths, Baby Wreaths, etc..


The first two sentences are the most important and should be keyword rich. You’ve done a great job with this. You can add coupon codes here or announce shop End this announcement with a warm welcome and anything else you want to add. 

  •  Wonderful job at filling out the sections about yourself and your shop. Policies are good.

  •  I noticed in a number of your listing titles you are using the same keyword in the very beginning. You can only rank once for that keyword. I would start each listing title with a different keyword if you can.

  • Check the compotation for each of the keywords. “Spring Grapevine Wreath” is a little high but you’re on the first page so I would change out the others that have that in the beginning of the title. “Large Grapevine Wreath” is real good. Really dig deep for keywords you can rank for.

  •  You are writing a good listing description but break it up into small paragraphs. It’s easier for people to read. 

  • In each of your listing put the link back to your home page in it. https://www.etsy.com/shop/WruffleWreathsbyLana?

I hope that these suggestions will make a difference in your Etsy shop and also increase your sales!

Happy Wreathing!


What member of Best of Nancy are saying about this critique

Great critique. Beautiful shop – Clara Nicole

Still learning something new! I didn't realize you would only rank once for the same key word. hmmm. Great critique! – Hallie Sue Wells.

Thanks so much, Nancy! I will take those suggestions and make improvements! smile emoticon