**ETSY SHOP CRITIQUE** For Lynn Sheppard Hardy

This is a nice Etsy Shop Lynn!  We have a few suggestions which should help you optimize your shop for selling more of your designs.


Your shop doesn’t have quite a cohesive look. Your photo backgrounds look great and are consistent except a couple that have dark backgrounds that should be changed.

 Your banner is throwing off the look of the overall page. I like the design of the banner but the coral color doesn’t seem to fit in and you have too much wording in it. I would consider changing the color to a cooler color to match the rest of the shop and come up with a simple tagline. Your profile picture is a little dark but that’s easy to lighten up.


Use keywords here to describe what you make, such as: Silk Floral Wedding Bouquets & Décor


Shop sections need to be keyword specific. You're allowed 10 Shop sections. Examples: Flowers for Wedding or Silk Wedding Flowers, Silk Flower Wreath. I would remove Candlestick Toppers, it’s not a term being searched at all as well as Urn Ring. It should be Lantern Ring.


The first two sentences are the most important and should be keyword rich. Be more specific with your keywords, like: “Specializing in handmade Everyday Wreaths, Wedding Bouquets or Bridal Bouquets, Silk Flower Arrangements, Decorative Front Door Wreath..ETC..
• End your announcement with a warm welcome or anything else you want to add.
•  Make sure you complete your profile section.
•  Double check that the keywords used in your title is being searched in Etsy Search.  I noticed a number of your listings either start with words or have words in the title that are not being searched for.
• You have one listing that is using the word Urn incorrectly and it should be changed to Candle Lantern
• You are writing out good listing descriptions just be sure to use the keyword you are trying to rank for in the first sentence of your listing.

I hope that these suggestions will make a difference in your Etsy shop and also increase your sales!

Happy Wreathing!



What Best of Nancy members are saying about this critique.

"What an awesome critique. Very helpful" – Betty Cunnigham

"Thank you Nancy for the feedback! I appreciate anymore advice you can give on this!" Lynn Hardy