My Shop is My Greatest Inspiration!

The Flowers, The colors, The Ribbons…

People ask me all the time where I find inspiration, so I I want to share with you my greatest imspiration!.

It’s all around me; in my home; in my garden; and even when we’re shopping in stores.

I am inspired by it daily, several times a day, as a matter of fact.  It is such a big part of my life, that I sometimes don’t notice myself exactly where it comes from.

Each day that I spend running back and forth between my office and my studio, I fail to look closely or even consider where this inspiration comes from.  Today I am looking closely, and realize that most of my inspiring designing moments from from my surroundings.  They are birthed from my love of color, flowers and even design. Since all this is found in my studio – my inspiration comes from it.


My studio is large and filled with color. The tall ceilings, large double windows, unlimited storage and work counters hold plenty of colorful ribbons, flowers, and finished wreaths. It is nice to work surrounded by lots of light as well as my favorite music! I am more inspired as I work while listening and singing to my favorite “tunes”!  Yes, it certainly is an “Inspiring” place to be and work!

Most days, I am back and forth so many times, that I don’t really notice where my inspiration comes from – I find it to just be there whether I am designing wreaths, filming a video, or working on a how-to book. I love gathering supplies needed for certain projects and displaying them in my shop. Many years ago, I kept my stems of flowers in their boxes on large shelves… it wasn’t very attractive to the eye of the beholder.

I finally realized I was much happier and much more inspired when each roll of ribbon was stacked neatly on a shelf by color or type, and especially if I kept my flowers on shelves in such a way that they showed their pretty, colorful heads to all who entered.


There are many baskets and vases of all sizes left from when I had my storefront business. I find myself even more inspired if I arrange beautiful blossoms in these vase and baskets. They are so pretty! Everyone who enters – including me – finds themselves smiling at the wide array of gorgeous colors!


Now, I’m sure you cannot look at all of the beautiful flowers and blossoms lining my shelves in my studio and tell me that you are not inspired.

How about you? Are you a “Crafter”? Do you have supplies for your craft packed up here and there. Some of them may be in boxes, and some may be in closets. If at all possible, fix yourself a space where you can see all that you have at a glance without having to pull everything out into the open. I GUARANTEE YOU — YOU WILL CERTAINLY BE INSPIRED! 

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Signature Nancy