Color Inspiration Found in Food??


  Yes…That’s Where Karen Found Hers!

We talked in my last couple of newsletters about inspiration and ideas.  I am still getting responses by email from my newsletter list talking about inspirations, and how these discussions are helping them.

Today I received an email from Karen.  She says she has been taking my suggestions and looking around for color inspirations.  And she says she came up with a great color combo from cutting some kiwi fruit.  “The cool green, creamy center and brilliant black seeds look like I could pull something together that will be pretty”, she says.  “And I can’t forget the brownish green of the skin…”

Good for you Karen!  You’re getting it!  Way to go girl.  There are color combinations all around us every single day.  Karen found hers in food.  I normally find mine in nature or in a vignette, where different items have been arranged together because of their style or color.


Are there any colors which cannot be used together?  No, I think not.  But, (and yes, there is a but…) the shades of the colors are important, and whether you use one color as the primary one, and another as an accent.

I left this picture below so you could see the color combination in this bold piece of fabric.  Would you use the teal blue that you see below in the other brighter colors?  Probably not, but here is an example of whether you use it as a primary color, or just an accent.  It wouldn’t look as good if the teal was in one of the larger flowers instead of the accent flower now would it?

We are going to be talking about fabrics, paint, colors, decorating, inspiration and design for a while.  In the meantime, I want you to look around.  See if you can find colors which inspire you whether you are redecorating your home or picking out the colors for a new wreath!

Don’t forget!  Colors all around – textures all around – ideas all around – this is what  inspires me.  What inspires you??

Inspire – an Acrostic

I – Look “Inside” yourself…Your likes as well as your dislikes; the things that give you energy or take away the blahs on a rainy day.
N – “Nature” is where I’ve told you I get a lot of my inspirations.  Out in my yard or garden, a beautiful sunset or a flower or a tree…
S – Your “Surroundings” can put all manner of thoughts into your head when you’re searching for ideas.  Your home, a comfortable quilt, your favorite TV show, a stained-glass window, etc.
P – Other “People” can certainly give you ideas, too.  A co-worker or a customer, a teacher or just your best friend can suggest ideas that can put you off and running with inspiration!
I – “Investigate!” Don’t just sit there waiting for inspiration to find you!  You may have to get out and do something “Investigate” new places, ideas, things that may inspire you.
R – Maybe it’s time to go “Retro”.  Forget what you’ve been doing lately and check out some of your earlier work, or the earlier work of others that you admire.  Bring it back and use it today.
E – “Escape” your rut!  Go on a mini or weekend trip; visit friends; tour your own town.  Looking at new things and places will expose you to new ideas and different combinations.


Wreath Tips by Nancy
Wild Birch Wreaths

Just a quick note:  Wild Birch Wreaths are to be delivered this weekend.  Many of you have purchased them, and we will be sending them out next week.  The woman who makes those for me has been snowed in, but it is melting… thank goodness!  You will be notified through UPS when yours goes out.

For those of you who may still want to order birch wreaths, you still have time to place an order for those.  Please notify me if you want to place an order for more than one.

You can click on the link below to read more about birch wreaths as well as other wreath-making supplies, which Ladybug Wreaths makes available to their customers.

 You can click on the link below which will lead you to my Etsy Store to see more Spring and Summer Wreaths which are for sale right now.

God Bless… Nancy