**ETSY SHOP CRITIQUE** For Nicole Herbert

This is a nice Etsy Shop Nicole!  We have a few suggestions which should help you optimize your shop for selling more of your designs.

Nicole Herbert

​Your shop has a nice cohesive look and your photo backgrounds are consistent.  ​The banner is very pretty but I would like to see you add the name of your shop on it.


Use keywords here to describe what you make, such as Easter Wreaths, Everyday Wreaths, Grapevine Wreaths, etc.


​Shop sections need to b​e keyword specific. You're allowed 10 Shop sections. Try to have 5 – 8 of those filled out.  Everyday Wreaths, Christmas Wreaths, Easter Wreaths, Spring Wreaths, etc.

The first two sentences are the most important and should be keyword rich. Something like: “Specializing in handmade Grapevine Wreaths, Spring Wreaths, Holiday Wreaths, Floral Wreaths and Everyday Wreaths would be good choices.

  • End this announcement with a warm welcome and anything else you want to add.
  • Make sure you always complete Policy sections.
  • Double check that the keywords used in your titles are being searched in Etsy Search listings. 
  • Be sure to add commas to separate title keywords. ​
  • It is important to always add the size of the wreath in the description

I hope that these suggestions will make a difference in your Etsy shop and also increase your sales!

Happy Wreathing!



What other members are saying about the shop Critiques:


"Congratulaions Nicole! This is so good, very helpful to us all. Thank you for doing this Nancy!" – Hallie Sue Wells


"Love your shop Nicole Hebert. Nancy thanks for all the suggestions!" – Diane Johnson Fischer


"Thanks so much Nancy for choosing my shop! I will certainly use all of your suggestions and thanks ladies for checking out my shop! I've got work to do." – Nicole Herbert