I will never forget when I decided to start selling wreaths on eBay.  I knew I would eventually figure out how to sell them — although that part took me some time, I still knew that I would and could do it.

The one thing that really stumped me the most was the packing and shipping.


When I started, I had three shippers to choose from:

  • UPS
  • USPS
  • FedEx

I called all three and started getting quotes.  Now, I’m telling you this was really a hard process!  I didn’t understand all of the terms they used at the time.  I did get quotes, and tried to compare prices, but that just did not work for me.  As it turned out, there were hidden charges that I didn’t know about.

I finally called a representative from UPS, and another from FedEx and asked them to come to my shop so I could really get to the bottom of things.  I thought I knew all of the right questions to ask…I had done my homework, or so I thought.  But it was still an awesome process and I was never sure if I was using the cheapest, most dependable carrier or not.  Unfortunately…I am still not positive, but I now know enough to make informed decisions and choices!  I want to explain to you how I make these informed decisions.


At that time, I ended up choosing the USPS (Post Office).  They would pick up right at my home if I printed the shipping labels the day before.  Things were running very smoothly for me until the Post Office decided they really did not want to be loaded down with my big boxes anymore.  My boxes were always light weight and usually weighed less that 7 to 8 lbs., but still…these boxes took up way too much space on their trucks.  My prices started going up so fast and so high that I had no choice.  The USPS was out of the picture.

I then went with UPS and was happy that I shipped enough wreaths out each week that daily pickup was a very attractive option for me which I enjoyed for several years.  But, then I noticed that my prices were going up…up… and up!

Daily pickup had to be dropped, and now we take these boxes to the nearest UPS drop-off station.  There are many around so for most people that really won’t be a problem.  But, again – and this has just happened recently, I see their prices going up again.  I have decided to get one of my invoices and call FedEx to compare prices.

The points here are:

  • Watch your carrier
  • Keep an eye on your billing and pricing
  • Printing labels from home, and billing through PayPal makes it easy to miss price increases
  • Compare shippers regularly, a price change can take place without your knowledge
  • It all adds up to the fact that boxes to ship wreaths in are big
  • These boxes take up a lot of room on their trucks which they could fill up with smaller packages – making them more money
  • I’ll let you know later if FedEx is less expensive for my larger boxes.

Inside the Membership Site we will be discussing the most economical place to purchase boxes, how to pack a wreath, and how to print your own labels from home.

I have a short, but very informative video showing how we pack and secure a wreath which will also be available inside this membership site!