Putting More YOU in Your Business

Why do you think I’m successful?

I can answer that question very quickly, and although I am blessed
with a talent to design beautiful wreaths, that is not the reason.


People Find YOU in Social MediaThe answer is that I put more of “ME” and my personality into my business through Social Media.  

Some might call it a business strategy, but I didn’t start out or intend for it to be a strategy.

I had owned a storefront business for many years.

The interaction with my customers literally “made my day”.  I knew their names – their smiles – their faces.  And, I knew their likes & dislikes.

In addition, they knew me.


Many brands are “BIG” on personality!

I shared with them my life, my business, and my family.  They knew my husband’s name, and the names of my sons.  Marriages, building a new home, and other events were talked about on a regular basis.


Do you get it? 

Their knowledge of me, and their friendship with me led them to feel very comfortable purchasing my products and designs.

Not only was I involved in their lives – but they were involved in mine.


Their hearts leads them to you!

I’ll bet you know the names of the owners of some of the most popular businesses you frequent, and love!

Their name has become a keyword & is known and searched with their product.


It is actually truer to say that their personalities ARE their brands.

From their signature look to their unique ways of expressing themselves, these people package their content in a way that sets them apart from anybody else in their niche.

People respect someone who works hard.  And they LOVE someone they feel is real – someone they can connect with.  The world-wide web is a huge marketplace.  There are many hard-working business owners and Entrepreneurs.  How do you think they find you and follow you in this marketplace?


This is where the saying “Know – Like – & Trust” comes into play

in business interactions with customers. By then, people who frequented my shop were no longer my customers; they were my friends!

When you have great products, good prices, smart offers & an optimized shop… and are still not making sales, what you could be missing is your “PERSONALITY”!


So…How will they find you?
How will they know you?  How are they led to you?


I am always saying that I want you to pay very special attention to setting up the Social Media part of your business!  Social-Signs-Arrows-PNG-h500


These include Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and many more!

Through all these Social Media outlets, you can make a meaningful connection with your audience.

You do this through your personality… after all, your brand is your personality!


Let your personality shine through! 

What makes you special, intriguing, or funny?  Your customers want to see that side of you!

They want to feel involved in your life so that they learn to KNOW, LIKE & TRUST “you”!

When I say to let people know the realy “you”… I mean the REAL you!  Don’t try to be something you’re not.


Be yourself!  There are always little personality traits which make you… YOU! 

Maybe you have a funny sense of humor…

Maybe you’re a little quirky…

Maybe you’re tender hearted…

Maybe you’re passionate about what you believe in?
“Which of these applies to YOU?”

signature nancy 3