**ETSY SHOP CRITIQUE** For Sherelle Williams

You have some good things going on with your shop Sherelle!  We have a few suggestions which should help you optimize your shop for selling more of your designs.


Your shop over all has a cohesive look. I like your banner but I’m not sure you really need to have a photo of you on it. I might add another image of a different wreath. I like the font and would center the tagline and make it a bit bigger.

 Your photos are too dark. I would lighten them up and then use Fotofuse.com to whiten the back grounds. I would also try to get some more upcoming seasons wreaths up there.


Use keywords here to describe what you make. Right now you have Custom Wreaths by Double J Wreaths.. Try using Grapevine wreaths, Floral and deco mesh wreaths. These can be changed from season to season or holidays


You’ve done a great job with using keywords to name your shop sections. You are allowed 10 sections and they should be filled out with good keywords. They won’t show up until you have an item assigned to it but Etsy and Google will know then what you are selling.


The first two sentences are the most important part of this section and should be keyword rich. I like that you are offering a coupon and letting them know they will get a free wreath hanger but that need to go down further in the announcement.. Begin with something like: Custom OUTDOOR SPRING WREATHS, GRAPEVINE WREATHS, INTERIOR WREATHS, DECO MESH Wreaths and FRONT DOOR Wreaths for all Seasons etc..

  • End your announcement with a warm welcome and your coupon code and freebie.
  •  Great job in completing your Policy Sections.
  •  Be sure to check if the keywords you’re using are being searched for in the Etsy search bar. I might start out with: Grapevine Wreaths for Sale, Red Wreath, White Wreath, Red and White Wreath..Etc
  •  I’m glad to see you added a link back to your shop home page

When looking at your wreath I see you are definitely getting the hang of wreath making and the more you make them the better your skills will get. I also noticed you only have one sale and your prices are too high for just starting out. I feel if you could lower your prices without losing money which should help you start getting sales. As you get better making wreaths and more sales you can then gradually start raising your prices

I hope that these suggestions will make a difference in your Etsy shop and also increase your sales!

Happy Wreathing!



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"Thank you so much Nancy for your suggestions i will make some changes thank again" – Sherelle Williams

"It really helps seeing examples of others shops. I learn something each time". – Bernita Burdick