Aweber and MailChimp Both Have Ways to Subscribe to your mailing list in person! 

Yes, you heard me right! What if you’re doing a craft show or fair? What if someone has come to your home to purchase from you in person?

craft fair

Many crafters write down names of potential customers and people who purchase in a notebook. I know!  I did it for years!!

When I tried to look back through my handwritten list where I let my customers sign up, I could hardly read all the information.  Then what if I could? I had to spend hours typing the names and emails into a spreadsheet thinking I would contact them one day.

Did I ever contact them?  No!  It was too much work – took too much time.

You can now easily sign up email subscribers to your list in person/on the spot with your Android or iPhone (even if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi). You can even use your iPad or Tablet. Then, when you return home, you can download that brand new, up-to-date list of subscribers into your mail program… whether it is MailChimp, Aweber, or some other.

I certainly wish I had that option many years ago when I started my mailing list!  WOW!!



Collect email addresses in person at a storefront or conference with MailChimp Subscribe. Store them locally on your iPad or Android tablet, even when you’re not online.

Flexible design tools mailchimp-subscribe-h533

MailChimp Subscribe’s design tools make it easy to customize your form and showcase your brand’s personality. Show off your logo, choose your layout, use one of our built-in backgrounds or your own image, and customize your text.

Manage and sync subscribers

When you connect to the internet, MailChimp Subscribe will automatically push new subscribers to your list—even to specific groups. You can also review all additions before syncing, and export the list right from the app.

Multitask on a single device

Multiple accounts or forms? No problem. Manage different teams or A/B test different styles, all on the same tablet. You can even protect your forms with a passcode. Best of all? The entire process just takes a few taps.


If you don’t have a sign up form published for prospects to easily sign up, another option would be to directly add your prospects to your list using AWeber’s mobile app called Atom.

If you’re speaking with a prospect who would like to sign up for your mailing list, rather than writing down their information and adding them later, you can add them directly to your list using AWeber’s mobile app called Atom. AWeber’s Atom app is a free application you can use for both iOS and Android devices to add subscribers to your list.

Everyone You Speak With

As you’re describing your product or services, and when you’re sharing your expertise, mention your email campaign and why it’d be useful to the person you’re speaking with.

“A great way to learn more about this service is my email newsletter.  I send my clients and associates monthly messages with expert advice and special prices.  Would you also like to receive them?”

aweber appIf there are particular incentives for signing up (e.g. special prices for subscribers), mention them also.

Your Presentation

If you have the opportunity to present to attendees, don’t squander the chance to follow up with the audience.

Somewhere during your speech, mention your newsletter, much like you would to people you speak with on an individual basis.

Then, pass sign up cards around and collect them when you’re finished.

Your Table

You’re likely to get the most exposure to people here, but if there is a large number of other tables, many people will shy away from discussion in favor of browsing and gathering materials to review later.

When they do read over your literature, they may then be interested in getting more information, and this is a great opportunity to have them sign up for your campaign.

Ways to generate subscribers at your table:

  • Put your website address on all print materials
  • Have sign up notices where visitors can see them
  • Point out how easy you have made it for them to sign up


Make sure you have a sign up form published at a prominent location on your web pages, or send them to a landing page whose sole purpose is to capture email addresses.

You should also illustrate the advantages of signing up on your table, including incentives you might offer and useful information you’ve highlighted in the past.

Once You’ve Collected Subscribers

If you have collected a list of subscribers, to add the subscribers you’ve received permission from, compile them into a spreadsheet, or type them right into our Import feature.



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