What are backlinks and how do I get them?

Backlinks are references to your website on other websites. The links lead the visitor to your site.

For the past couple of years, backlinks have been an important factor in search engine results. There is a growing importance to ‘social buzz’ but backlink importance is waning just a bit.

There are many ways to get backlinks.

One way is through ‘trackbacks.’ A trackback is a way of letting a site know that you are referencing their work. I just wrote an article on my blog on trackbacks.
The purpose of a trackback is to let another site know that you are referencing them on your site.

I would write some content related to the article, add a snippet from the article and add a closing paragraph.

NOTE: Some marketers have turned this into a complete system for building credibility and traffic and refer to it as “curration.”

Add the link to the original article in the box below the posting box.

What is the value?

  1. The trackback that I set up will tell the source blog that someone has referenced the content.
  2. The link in the paragraph is keyword rich anchor text link – meaning that this has a lot more value than a standard link
  3. Visitors will follow the trackback to the source site giving them new visitors.

How do I get trackbacks?

The best way is to provide great content that others in your market want to reference! The more trackbacks, the more credible you seem as a resource for your niche.

If you look at all the ways you get backlinks: articles, videos, documents, blog comments, press releases, etc, you notice a common theme: CONTENT!

Provide good content and you will be become the expert!