Getting Started with Email Marketing…

 Email marketing is one of the best marketing opportunities available today.

, You want to capture their information when they come to your website.

 How Do I Start?
Here is an overview of the process:

1. Start with an easy to remember domain name.
(Nancy has It is short and sweet and easy to remember!)

2. Create a short page that sits above the fold.
This means that when someone goes to your squeeze page they shouldn’t have to scroll down. Everything you want them to see is visible without scrolling.

A good example of this is When you go to this website you see the whole site without scrolling.




3. Have a free gift that your customers would value.

I give gives away a free book on designing a wreath and video. It provides good content and could sell easily on its own.

4. Provide benefits in a bullet format.
I’ll go back to Jim’s squeeze page. He has three benefits! You can see immediately whether you want his newsletter, money making ideas and tips.

5. Make it clear that they will be receiving relevant information.
It is important that visitors understand that you are going to be sending them information that will be of interest to them.

Many marketer end up send offer after offer and don’t build a relationship with their readers.

Make sure you always provide information that is good content that your readers will appreciate.

In another article, I will talk more about email marketing.


PS This article is based on Jim Cockrum’s book, Free Marketing: 101 Low and No Cost Ways to Build Your Business” If you don’t have this book, take a look.  It has a lot of great content on marketing your business.