I want to intoduce to you today a marketplace venue called Hatch. At https://www.hatch.co Not hatch.com…lol
Hatch is a small, exclusive marketplace for handmade items. They say on their site, “We seek out makers who take pride in their creations and want customers to feel proud owning them.


Every item on Hatch is made by people who are creators, designers, artists, and makers first; sellers second. Craftsmanship trumps the bottom line. Process is just as important as the end result. We are looking for young creative businesses, which are looking to grow. They may be a one-person operation now, but their aspirations run larger. Hatch can help you get there.”

  • You must fill out an application which can take up to 7days. They look at your shop and/or site, what kind of feedback you have, what your sales are like and they look for amazing photos

If you don’t have photos yet in your shop don’t apply

  • Not everyone is accepted. They want the Best of the Best.
  •  One of their perks is you can show a preview of your work and they will post it on Instagram where they have a large following.
  •  What are their fees? They do have fee and you are charged 6.5 transaction fee and a 3.5% payment processing fee only if the sale comes through the Hatch website due to their promotions. If the sale comes thru a link from your promotions on social media etc.. they do not charge you. You keep 100% of the sale. How cool is that!


Keep in mind any venue Online you sell on you have to market your own business. It is part of being in business and it can take time to build up your business. Think 1-5 yrs for new startups.