What Type of Wreath do I Want?

We have been talking about making wreaths lately, and how to find your own style.  So many of you who want to make your own wreaths really don’t know where to start.  Well, my goal is to help you find out what you really like in a wreath.  Then you can learn from my DVDs how to make your own special wreath.  And, if you want to carry your hobby further, I can also teach you how to sell your specially designed wreaths online, bringing in extra household income.

There really are MANY different types and styles of wreaths.  First, let’s start with wreath bases.  I personally prefer my own “Wild Birch Wreaths”.  These are made exclusively for me by a young mother in the hills of Kentucky.  They are special, different, and unique.  Would you like to know what drew me to them at first?

Well, it was the “wild” style of the birch and beech stems radiating out all around from the tighter center circle of the wreath.  Below you can see an example of exactly what I’m talking about.  This is a Christmas wreath which was just shipped out a couple of days ago from the Ladybug Wreaths Studio.  It is a perfect example of a “Wild Birch” & “Wild & Woodsy”!

Many of you might like a tighter, more compact wreath style.  These can be made with a grapevine wreath as a base.  They are woven a little tighter and DO NOT have the wild sticks radiating out all around.  Your finished wreath will have the more compact look rather than the loose and airy look you get from wild birch.

Christmas wreaths are normally, but not always, on the green Christmas wreath bases you can find anywhere.  They are sold in every craft and hobby store this time of year.  They come in all shapes, sizes and types.  Some are smaller with just a little greenery – all of one type – and then others are much fuller with a larger mix of Christmas greens.  These can have pine cones, berries, or other materials already added to them.

Now, this wreath is one of our beautiful Christmas wreaths made on a Christmas green base rather than the wild birch.  You can tell by looking at this wreath that we like to also add ‘everyday greens’ to our Christmas wreath bases.  There is ivy, wisteria, green leafy fillers, and much more! This is one thing that “Ladybug Wreaths” is well known for!

There are other bases used from time to time, but these are ones which I really do not prefer myself, so I don’t use them.  These include straw wreath forms, Styrofoam forms which you can stick stems into, and ribbon wrapped forms.

You can see many examples of our Christmas wreaths in our Etsy.com store.  By looking at these wreaths, you might be able to decide exactly which style you do like.  And, if you would like to purchase a wreath, we have a large selection of many beautiful ones for sale there also!

View Christmas Wreaths in our Etsy Store


Many of you may want to purchase your own “already made” wreath.  Others of you may want to purchase a DVD and learn to make your own.  There is a very large selection of wreaths right now for sale in Etsy, which will help you in finding the type and style that tugs at your heartstrings and brings a smile.  when you feel that way looking at any type of floral design – well, then you KNOW that is your style!