I use Facebook to grow my business.  I’ve watched my business grow while posting personal, business, and encouraging quotes & photos along with products for sale on my Facebook page.

I had a sixth sense this was happening, but no tracking or proof.  Maybe it was intuition, but the odds were adding up in my favor.  This inclination to “work” Facebook as much as possible has become so important, it’s the first thing I do every morning.

I noticed when advertising a particular “how to” DVD that had not sold in quite some time, sales increased.  When posting pictures of beautiful new wreaths for sale, older ones sold too.

My posts of encouraging, touching quotes like: “You Can Do It”, although sincere, and not meant to sell anything, spurred sales of my physical and digital products anyway.

But, that is not the way intelligent business woman should run her businesses, now is it?  I can’t just “fly by the seat of my pants” as the old saying goes.

I am blessed to have a partner, Linda, who is obsessed with tracking and making sure advertising dollars are spent wisely.  We now KNOW that Facebook grows my business.   We know when a post goes viral, reaching more potential customers; it is worth every penny spent as it increases my bottom line.

It is important to “work” your Facebook page every day.  But, it is hard when traveling.

Sure, I have an iPad which is helpful for posts without images, but those do not command the likes, shares and comments that we all want and need for our posts.

The truth is – people rarely share a post without an image.  And my iPad certainly can’t access ALL the photos I look through when posting.

Do you know how easy it is to reuse popular, older posts that received comments, likes and shares making them go viral?

Do you know you can edit an older post as long as it has a picture attached?

It is SO easy to do! 

Scroll back 6 months or more to find a post which received lots of interaction.

Click on the picture to take you to an enlarged version.  Have you ever noticed the small edit button on the right, underneath your post?

Click edit, and rewrite your post to sound like it is more current.  Save your changes, and then click share to share this post to your own page.


This automatically edits and moves this post back to the top of your page as if it were just posted.  And, there is a space above where you can add more pertinent content.

I love doing this while riding in the car, or on vacation!  It is quick, easy, and I can generate sales effortlessly.

Happy Posting!  Smiles… Nancy